Pension Maestral – Novi Vinodolski

3 in 1 – a pleasant holiday, excellent cuisine, lots of fun

Located just 50 meters from the beach and 200 meters from the city center, Pension Maestral is the perfect place for a vacation you desire and deserve. We have not forgotten those who love active holidays and research, for which we can organize excursions by land and sea, visiting local attractions, diving school, bicycle tours as many other facilities. For some, tourism is a business. To us is a life choice. Welcome!

Accommodation that fits you nicely

Once a year, most often during the summer vacation, we are all trying to “squeeze” as much content in a short two weeks. An ideal day should last for 48 hours, and the night would not have fallen anyhow. However, after the tiring day on the beach and the night fulfilled with entertainment, you need a good night’s sleep for the next day. In recently renewed, air-conditioned and modernly equipped rooms of Pension Maestral, you will welcome the morning fresh and rested, ready to continue the planned activities.


Book your room now!

When is the best time to plant a tree? It was 20 years ago. When is the next best time? Right now!

So do not wait until the last moment! Ensure yourself a comfortable accommodation on time, contact us and book a room!



Accommodation is just a part of your vacation – we also offer a wide variety of entertainment events.

What is your choice? Sport or entertainment? Or both? Whatever you choose, we will try to meet your needs. We believe that in a diverse range of sporting and entertainment facilities, you will also find something that fits you the best.


Restaurant Maestral

Try the magic of Mediterranean cuisine and a good wine and just like so many before, you will not be disappointed. From the early morning to relaxation late in the evening, our friendly staff is always at your disposal.